Jan. 25th, 2010

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As I was reading a magazine today, I was inspired! What a perfect idea! Let's have a Valentine's Day party (on the 13th, of course, since the 14th is Chris's birthday and I will be spending the day with him).

What would this entail? Envision, if you will, that you are back in elementary school. Your teacher asks you to bring in a shoe box and you spend half the day decorating it with glitter and construction paper. Then the teacher passes around cut out paper hearts for you to write something nice about your classmates on which, while eating cupcakes and heart shaped cookies, you slip into their boxes along with valentine's you brought from home and little bundles of candy.

How awesome would it be to relive those moments?

So what I suggest, is everyone would bring some kind of heart shaped food item (maybe we could make heart shaped pizza? Or round pizza with heart shaped pepperoni?) and a shoe box. If you like, you can bring valentine's, little candy packages, etc as well. We will supply gobs of glitter, glue, paper, scissors, lace doilies... anything you can think of that you would enjoy to decorate your box with or to make valentines with (of course feel free to bring your own). We will listen to awesome music while we decorate our boxes and then the party can begin and we will fill everyone's boxes with valentines, candy, little trinkets, etc. It will be awesome!

So... would anyone be interested in a party like this?


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