Mar. 18th, 2010


Mar. 18th, 2010 09:07 pm
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Thought of the day: Damn, I can't wait to get a dumpster and clear out all the shit in this house that was left behind. I hate going in the basement or even looking at half our property because of all the shit everywhere.

Johann: Today he went with me to Grandma's work (my old job) to visit. Everyone oohed and ahhed over him. We then ate lunch where he proceeded to give me a death glare for not feeding him soup and salad. And then we went shopping and I bought him rice cereal. He was all excited when I mixed it up in the bowl and brought a spoonful to his lips... and then he started crying because his tongue refused to push it in the correct direction. So we watered it down further and he got it in a bottle and loved it. And quickly passed out.

SCA: Really really want to get the archery range started on my land. Really really want to get back into archery. Anyone want to help me set up a range??

Dinner: Tonight seemed like the perfect night for a BBQ. I was right. Delish!!

Health: Still snuffly but the coughing has subsided further than yesterday. This pleases me greatly.

Goal of the day: I accomplished my goal today! To get out on the porch and poke around in the boxes still out there!! And I did.

Recipe of the day: These = love

Question of the day: Anyone want a telescope missing the eye piece? *grumbles*


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