Jun. 23rd, 2010

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This does not include garb/accessories and other obvious needed things (like feast gear):

Bardic book/SCA book - It seems to have documentation for everything, hand-outs from classes, notes, etc in it. It is a little bit of lots of happiness.

Russian Fairy Tale book - No reason I can't learn new stories while I'm there. And it gives me something to read to Johann each day.

Spinning wheel - There will be enough people there that, by golly, I would really like to get some spinning time in. I have projects in my mind for once that I actually need to get some spinning done for.

My knitting - If my shawl isn't done by then, I will bring it with me.

Doumbek - Finally going to take tek-a-tek classes! Yay!

My cookbook - Unless I end up buying one for the kitchen, I like having mine with me since it gives me great ideas for things to do for the camp.

Camera - Yeah. Gotta keep up on those one a day photos!

Robot- I will be there for two Saturdays. You bet I'm bringing that robot!!

Can anyone think of anything else I should make sure to have with me?

I'm really wanting to enter something into the A&S just for feedback, so I'm still thinking on that. And I do plan on doing a lot more bardic then I did last year. And although I like restful periods, I also can't wait to be getting around a lot better than last year. Stupid being six months pregnant!


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