Jul. 14th, 2010

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Honestly, I find there are times that I don't hear of a band -until- they start becoming main stream. And, by main stream, I mean in the geeky sense. I mean, I hadn't heard of Freezepop until I fell in love with Science Genius Girl on Karaoke Revolution. Sometimes I just hear a song somewhere and say 'hey, that's neat' and search for it and start listening to the band.

But then again, there are times that I already know the band, love the band, and then all of a sudden see one of their pieces in a video game or hear it on a commercial or in a movie. And all I can do is grin and say 'yeah, I already know that one. But I bet it will hook others onto their music!'

I don't see why anyone would stop liking something that they always liked... just because others suddenly do. I mean, I admit, there are times I will stop doing/buying something because it goes main stream. But it isn't because it is a turn off. Case and point: I used to love wearing Converse sneakers. I would buy them for, like, $20 at their outlet. Then the hipsters fell in love with them and they became 'main stream'. Suddenly the price jumped to about $60-80 a pair and I stopped buying them. Why? They were too bloody expensive! I still wore and loved the ones I had, though.

So yeah... once you like something, keep liking it. If you don't, don't. Come up with a better excuse than 'but now I'm not individual enough cause everyone is doing it!'


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