Aug. 6th, 2010

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Count down to Pennsic. Before... I was just kind of stressed out about it. Stressed about dresses, about packing, about how the baby would do...

...but today... knowing I leave in the AM, everything is packed, etc... I'm really excited! Soon I will be on radio silence.
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So... I want to start a tradition among my friends like I had back in high school.

Back in high school, a friend would bring in something... say.. a flower. And on it would be attached a note with something along the lines of "Everyone deserves a little happiness, so I am giving this to you to brighten your day. I hope you can cheer someone else's day with this little gift." And they would pass it to the next person that looked like the could use cheering up. And they passed it to the next. And so on until the end of the day, when the final person took it home. They usually removed the tag and placed it on something new and brought that in the next day.

Now, this took on the name of Pineapple of Happiness since, one day, sure enough, someone brought in a pineapple with the note attached.

I always found this to be such a great idea. Always brightened your day, and it also made you feel good when you passed it on to someone new.

Thought, in doing this, since I'm not in high school any more, I thought maybe it could be something more permanent than a flower or a piece of fruit. Something small. Something that will just make people smile when someone drops it off next to them and walks away.

I know we don't always see each other all that often. And everyone has so very may friends that maybe I don't even have. But I would love to start it up. And who knows. Maybe someday whatever the item I choose will come back to me when I most need a smile on my face.

Can anyone think of a good object to use? Would anyone be interested in participating, or do you just think it is crap?


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