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Tonight: I totally forgot I was having a baking get together tonight. We are going to make linzer torte. Oh, but to make the pie or the cookies, I just don't know.

Goals: Finish my practice shipwreck shawl. Spin some new yarn up. Possibly try and card the cotton so I can spin that. I have plans for that cotton! Have a few new knitting projects I want to do.

Anniversary: It was amazing. Chris surprised me by taking me out to Washington County. We stayed at the Bunker Hill B&B and did two full days of the cheese tour. We wanted to take it slow, so we did three farms on one day as well as pick your own raspberries (we picked 4lbs) and a little garage sale-ing. We also went to Harvest Fest and enjoyed an amazing home grown dinner. On Sunday we finished up the last two farms and then popped into Slyboro for cider tasting and purchasing as well Locust Grove Smokehouse for some delicious meats. We came home with, about, 15-20 different cheeses, a leg of goat, a huge chunk of fresh corned beef, and then some smoked things from the smoke house.

My biggest find during the weekend was at harvet fest. They had a large silent auction going on. At first glance, nothing tickled my fancy. But the second time through, I saw that Battenkill Kitchen was giving away a basket that, inside, boasted a ticket to the very small class/lecture given by Rose Levy Beranbaum that also included a signed copy of her book. Yeah, I bid on that basket. And I won. But the class is sadly when Winter Night's is, so I am gave the ticket to my mother to thank her for baby sitting over the weekend.

Overall, it was amazing. I got a lot of progress done on my knitting and had a splendid time.


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