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Flight of the Mockingbird

Tidbits of the life of a bird forever in flight.

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Birthdate:Jul 28
Location:Albany, New York, United States of America
This is my blog.

I am Katrusha, the Skomorokh. I am a bard.

Interests (178):

animals, animation, apocolypse, arathreel, art, astrology, astromony, bagpipes, baking, baklava, bamboo, beasts, belly dancing, birds, blues, board games, books, buddhism, burning, butterscotch, cacaphony, cakes, calligraphy, caramel, card games, cartooning, catch 22, cats, celestial, celtic, celtic knotwork, circles, classical music, cold, college, colors, comfort, comics, competition, cookies, cooking, crafts, creation, creativity, creatures, culture, daggers, darkness, david bowie, death, dogs, dorks, douglas adams, draconians, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dweebs, elfquest, endlessness, erotica, ethnicity, excel saga, eyes, family, fantasy, ferrets, final fantasy, fortunes, friends, future, gaia, geeks, germany, ghosts, giraffes, harmony, harp, herbs, horses, icehouse, ifgs, indie, insight, instruments, jazz, justice, karaoke, kettle corn, kingdom hearts, kittens, la luna, labyrinth, learning, leather, leaves, levitation, life, lips, literotica, masks, medicine, microbiology, minds-eye, monsters, moon, morning, movies, music, mythology, nature, necropsy, nerds, night, nyc, okonomiyaki, pain, painting, paranormal, pathology, photos, piano, playing piano, poetry, poltergeists, pretense, prophecy, psaltery, psychic, psychology, ragtime, ranma, rats, reading, renaissance, rings, ritual, role playing, sacrifice, safety, sam and max, scars, science fiction, sewing, sight, simpsons, singing, sluggy, snow, stealth, steamed buns, stories, studying, suicide, super natural, superstition, suspense, sutures, swords, theatre, time, today, tomorrow, tongues, trigun, universe, vastness, veterinarians, veterinary technology, warmth, women, wood, woods, writing, writting, yesterday, zoology
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