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I am putting a call out to everyone that is willing to help me with the cooking. Kitchen is almost cleaned and ready from my OMG NEED TO MAKE BREAD FOR PENNSIC!! and need to bake afterwards. People who have been to my house before know for a fact I can have 7 people comfortably working in the kitchen, alone.

Plans right now:

Mushrooms are already finished, bottled, and marinating.

This Sunday:
Make and freeze the hen with prunes (cooked), the shashlyk (in it's marinating juices), chuchkella (which I've never made before and just have my fingers crossed), and the red wine/cherry sauce.

Next Sunday:
Make and freeze the cabbage pies (I have my mom making the crusts for me (thankfully)) and apple kissel.

The day before:
Make mushroom caviar.
Cut up everything needed for making the next day.
Start thawing things.
Pack everything needed for cooking/baking/etc.

The day of:
The cod, creamed beets, stuffed onions, turnip pudding with ham, apricot dinner kasha, tea eggs.
Oven schedule: turnip pudding - onions - fish.
Pick up bread in Schenectady.
Mild decorating (because it makes the Katrusha happy).
Sbiten? Mint water? Water? Kvass?

Speaking of awesome feasts: the nice thing about doing buffet style, as it should be, is I can also ask if anyone would like to perform during feast and you don't have to worry about being interrupted by course calling. Is anyone interested? I only ask you stick with the Russian theme.

I'm so excited about my feast.

If there is anything you want to help with, any step along the way, please let me know!


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