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So, the house today... was gorgeous. As we were leaving, we were trying to think of all the bad things about it so we could have a nice list.

40 minute drive for Chris.
Kitchen feels small.
No dishwasher.
Main bathroom (the whole bath as opposed to the half bath) is downstairs
Really needs a deck built. Or a patio. The steps are a little too high otherwise.
A lot of thrushy weedy woody stuff needs to be cleared so that the land is more use-able.
Hard to expand if we want to.
The land is flat in the front but then there is a hill and uneven land for the back half of the acreage.
Comes with a second house that is rented out which means we have to be a landlord which is scary.
Doesn't have a screened in porch for the cats to enjoy.

We would have a house to rent.
Kitchen has OMG cabinet space and counter space.
Dining room is situated going in a straight line through a second open room into the living room which means we could easily have lots of people over for dinner.
Wood burning stove is almost a fireplace which makes Laura happy. Plus more functional to cook on.
Has an awesome game room off the living room with a closet that has built in drawers in it.
The master bedroom is huge with his and hers closets, a half bath, AND A VERANDA!
The basement is amazingly well kept and not scary.
Home was owned by an engineer for the last 14 years who knows the place like the back of his hand.
Two bedrooms upstairs PERFECT for kids.
Upstairs is one big huge open room that leads into the bedrooms.
Front porch is beautifully built.
Lots of room for making a barn or various other things I might desire.
Huge stone slate mudroom.
The home feels huge.
It feels like a home. Not some cold empty house. I could see it as our home.
There is a swing set outside. WITH A CLIMBING WALL!
Stairs are carpeted for quieter feet.
There are trees on the property of the climbing assortment.

Edit: Another awesome good thing: On both sides of the property is a lot of extra acreage. There is a very high possibility that if we ask, we may be able to get extra land with the property. That is an awesome bonus.

All in all, we really liked the house. Now we have to figure out what to do from here.
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I called about the house and found out a little more about it. The house keeps fairly updated and is definitely live-able. The woman who owns the property now lives 40 miles away, but her son and daughter both live on each side of the property. Heat is hot water heat and it is turned off right now, but easily can go back on. Brittonkill school district. There is a basement, but it isn't live-able. But can be used for storage or a workshop of sorts. Other buildings are supposedly also still in good shape. And we will get a call to see if we can view the place this weekend. I'm kind of excited about seeing it, even if only for the breathtaking wonder of being out in the middle of nowhere but close enough to still go to real grocery stores.

So, wish us luck! This could be the house of our dreams. It could have some nice aspects but we will keep looking. Either way, I just like looking at places. So it will be fun!
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Into the maddness. )

It is all about house buying. More or less, me trying to rationalize why I want what I want and if it is good for me and trying to understand more about why I get excited even though I know I will be disappointed. This exercise was mostly a learning experience for me because I am hoping everything I wrote here, when looked back on in a few weeks or months or whenever we find the house we want, will offer some insight for me and help me decide if it is really the place I want or the place I need.


Jan. 4th, 2009 10:44 am
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I am highly considering this posting:

Would people still visit me if I lived 25 minutes from Troy? If I had a separate building near my stables that will be stuffed with sheep and llamas for hosting spinny, an animal free room? If I set up lots of archery targets? had plenty of room for dogs to roam? Had a separate, certified kitchen that people could bake in and then sell their wares? Put a yurt in the middle of the woods for anyone to summer at? Held bardic in the summer months now and then?

My question is, is it too far for people or would people still come and play games and hang out with me if I did move here?


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