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Merry Christmas to all!

I would like everyone to know, as much fun as all the gifts are, really the thing I cherish and delight over the most this holiday is all of you. All my friends, family, people who have stood by me, people who have laughed with me, people who are deserving of all the good this world can offer.

Thank you to you all and I hope your holiday is blessed with many smiles, much laughter, and heaping helpings of cookies. Because they are that good.
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We opened all our gifts last night. We figured it would be easier since today we will be with my family and tomorrow I work AND we have Christmas with his family. We will be exhausted. So we just decided, while we aren't half dead, we might as well do it then. And he easily got me some pretty damn cool stuff. And he loved his gifts, which made me really happy as well.

But now I really need to make bread for today and tomorrow. And in making bread, it will hopefully give me some time to clean up more of the house. Or, at least, the mess of paper and presents all over. Plus the dining room so we can play games with people. That will be wonderful too.

So there is the hope we will be able to get rid of this tv pretty soon. Then we can put the new one up, which will be nice.

Besides that, I really should get up and start making bread. I think I will throw in my new CD to listen to while I do such. I'm thinking rye, white, and cardamom.
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Awesome people that have some awesome gifts waiting at my house:

Shelly and Grim
Virginia and Paul
Missy and Kevin

These people should all come over. Hmm. That would make 8. What an excellent base for game playing!


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