Jun. 1st, 2010

First draft

Jun. 1st, 2010 04:04 pm
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First draft on classes I might enjoy taking at Pennsic, starting on Sunday of the second week since we will be arriving Saturday and that is the time I will need for setting up my tent, settling the baby, etc.

August 8:
9am Basic Stick Weaving
9:30am Mommy and Me Belly Dance
10am Harp Technique (would need to bring my harp with me for this. And tune it)
10:30am Zen Buddhist Meditation
12pm Leaves of Laughter - Comic Theatre Workshop
2pm Super Simple Silverpoint
3pm Rhythm and Dance with your Baby
5pm Survey of Medieval Lithuania

August 9th:
9:30am Beginner Drumming Day 1 (not sure if I would take all four days, but I will put them up here)
10am Russian: Slavic Shamanistic Beliefs
10am Making a Paint Brush
3pm Gouda Cheese Making
4pm How to Build a Germanic Lyre
5pm Medieval Math in the Modern Classroom
6pm Mustards Roundtable 101

August 10th:
9am A Brief history of Middle Eastern Brewing
10am Basic Stick Weaving
10am Beginner Drumming Day 2
12pm Period Filk
1pm Nihon Minyo - Japanese Festival Dance
2pm Filking with History
2pm Rhythm and Dance with your Baby
3pm Period fighter Kites
3pm The Turkish Bath
4pm Slavic Interest Group Meeting
4pm Babies at Pennsic

August 11th:
9:30am Beginner Drumming Day 3
10am Flax - Growing and Processing
1pm Many Parts, One Number: Fibonacci's Fractions
1pm Ukranian Bead Netting
1pm Saints' Lives as Stories

August 12th:
9pm Teaching in the SCA
10am Beginner Drumming Day 4
1pm Cooks' Guide to Bards/Bards' Guide to Cooks
3pm Slavic Material Culture
4pm Infused Oils and Salves
5pm Conversational Russian

August 13th:
11pm A Quick Wit and a Ready Tongue: Improvised Storytelling
12pm Period Filk

Yes, some of the classes show up two or three times. This will help me decide on the when I should go. I did not put up the amount of hours some of them go, only because I haven't fully decided which ones are a necessity/desire versus a curiosity... and more so because I don't know if I'm even going to go to Pennsic yet. Need to do some serious soul searching. But those are the classes, from Sunday until Friday, it appears, that I am interested in going to. Of course, all this is dependent on the baby as well.


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