Aug. 24th, 2010

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To respond randomly to the anonymous postings I've gotten recently, to respond to my own question, and then to ask a new question of curiosity.

Man, I need to read that book.

I agree, sometimes childhood memories are the most happy because there was no such thing as stress.

Just remember, honesty is the best policy.

You don't need to train. There are some things that really do come from the heart and get better when in the throes of pure emotion.

You have a good man.

Although contrite and predictable, it is also a perfectly worthy moment.

As long as it is only sometimes and the majority of the time... you do not.

Happiest moment of my life? I recall this time when I was really little and at the Altamont Fair. Dusk was falling, so all the rides and attractions had a myriad of blinking lights and there was just a joyful buzz throughout the whole fair. The sights, the sounds, it made my head whirl. I remember my grandfather leaning down and asking me what my favorite color was. I responded with blue and continued being entranced by all the hubbub that was making a very young very distractable child even MORE distractable. Suddenly, my grandfather told me I won and asked me to pick a prize.

Although I don't still have that large stuffed lion anymore, the memory will forever be with me. Just a moment of joy at everything going on, and the innocence of not knowing at all that my grandfather was trying to win a prize for me. And to be that little girl walking around the fair carrying a stuffed toy larger than herself was rather comical... or at least, it is to think back on it now.

As for my next question, and yes comments will continue to be screened and feel free to post anonymously:

Now that we have spoken about the happiest time in our lives... how about the most embarrassing?


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